Nairobi Sidewalk rants

Sidewalks of Nairobi

Nairobi, the city of my nativity, has sidewalks to write home about. Veritable volumes can be published on the deplorable conditions our pedestrians tolerate on a daily basis. Pedestrians are a majority here; sadly, however, they end up with the short end of the stick where commuting is concerned. Unless of course they are in the CBD (very walkable, for the most part), or in random suburban pockets where developers have been conscientious enough to add pavers in that herringbone pattern we have come to love. Ladies and gentlemen: the sidewalks of Nairobi, from my perspective. My take may be biased, but these photos are a good representation of what I endure for the most part whenever I walk.

1. Random snaps – the detail shots

This is a free guide on how to take low-res photos on the stealth (and on the move) with a smart phone:

photo(6) copy







There are, occasionally, moments of respite:



But they are sometimes few and far between.

2. Random snaps, take 2. Or, wide shots by others.

Click on image for source.
Click on image for source.
Click on image for source
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Sidewalks Nai 3
Mama Ngina Street. Click on image for source.
Lovely lilac. Not a bad walk.
Lovely lilac. Not a bad walk. Click on image for source.

*Featured image sourced here.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalks of Nairobi”

  1. Okay. Well… it’s kind of.. hmm… not as bad as I expected. Still, those first few “sidewalks” could do with some renovation. There should be a sidewalk rule. Sidewalks on every street except those Rift Valley ones.. guard rails should be used for those.

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