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The agora was the main centre* of activity in ancient Greek cities. It was a place of confluence, where life was shared. Simply put, the agora was a place of dialogue.

This blog serves as an outlet for my opinions on architecture and urbanism in Kenya and the rest of Africa; my hope is that it will become a platform for the exchange of exciting and innovative ideas that will make for better places and spaces.


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I am a Kenyan Christian who is currently trying to find a happy medium between the idealism of my student days and the pragmatism of life outside the bubble that college can sometimes be. I started this blog as a WordPress page in August 2011; see HERE.

I love edifying conversation and the occasional cup of Kenyan AA, and entertain the dream of owning my very own Black Mamba (or roadster, whichever you prefer) one day.





*This blog uses British English spelling.

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  1. Hi,

    I thought I’d write you a quick message as I came across your blog! I would love to connect with you as I’m interested also in urbanism, architecture and all things Jane Jacobs! I’m actaully doing a project in the next few weeks, ‘6 Weeks, 6 African Cities, 6 Sketchbooks’ where i’ll be challenging the needs of urbanism + architetcure whilst tackling the social issues towards Intra African travel. Message me anytime + let me know what you think. And if you’re in one of the cities – Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Accra, Cape Town, Addis Ababa/ Lagos let me know!!

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