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The agora was the main centre* of activity in ancient Greek cities. It was a place of confluence, where life was shared. Simply put, the agora was a place of dialogue.

This blog serves as an outlet for my opinions on architecture, urbanism and other topics in Kenya and the rest of Africa; my hope is that it will become a platform for the exchange of exciting and innovative ideas that will make for better places and spaces.

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Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Olivia.

I am a Kenyan who is currently trying to find the middle point between the ideal and the pragmatic in my current time zone.

I started this blog as a WordPress page in August 2011; see HERE.

I find good conversations inspiring, and love all things creative.

I look forward to the day when commuter cycling will be the norm in my city. And that’s not even half of it.

Welcome. Happy reading.

*This blog uses British English spelling.

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