Architecture Kenya Nairobi


An architect/friend happens to be in New York on business, and sent me pictures from an exhibition he attended on one of his days there. The exhibition, 5×5 Participatory Provocations, got me thinking about our need for more polemic architecture in Kenya. That controversial projects exist is in no question. Beside the new malls and …

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Nairobi Sidewalk rants

Sidewalks of Nairobi

Nairobi, the city of my nativity, has sidewalks to write home about. Veritable volumes can be published on the deplorable conditions our pedestrians tolerate on a daily basis. Pedestrians are a majority here; sadly, however, they end up with the short end of the stick where commuting is concerned. Unless of course they are in …

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For Love of Country

This one is taken from the archives. I wrote this in 2012. I still feel the same. Also, September needed a blog post.Enjoy. I see you through the eyes of others Whose written words are clear images Of places I have yet to visit And smells and sights and sounds I have yet to encounter …

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